Good to be back!

We are back! Looks like we are back!  There is a lot of exciting things happening and I can’t wait till they start rolling out.  I am no longer duel streaming and will be live either on Facebook Live or Twitch.   Broadcasts will be available at a later time to be shared on the other […]

Streaming Break

Streaming Break Hey! I am taking a short hiatus from live streaming while some kinks are worked out.  Plus, I am working on a new project.    Rest assured I will be back.  In the mean time, new videos on youtube are on the way to pass the time until we are back.   Your the […]

Christmas Broadcast

Christmas Broadcast This was the Christmas broadcast from December of 2020.  Many good memories.

Fresh New Year

Hope you had a great new year! This was from the New Year’s Eve broadcast bringing us into 2021.