About the Artist

Twinklekeys goes by Anthony Warrington in real life and is based in Tallahassee, FL. He was classically trained as a pianist starting at an early age adding in other instruments as time progressed.  He has worked with rock bands, ensembles, show choirs, concert bands, orchestras, voice / hand bell choirs, and musical theatre.

He paints music from the ivories using the piano, organ, and electronic instruments molding standard and non standard repertoire into something more.  His improvisational artwork manifests itself from a pallet of music textures and nuance.  He blends classical music with jazz, ragtime, rock, and other styles:  fusing them into something unique.

Imagine all the heart and soul of multiple musical genre working in and around one other; coalescing into one. Only then you can picture  a tapestry of sound as colorful and vibrant as the rainbow.  From the mundane to the magical,  you will find your happy place. Join him and together you will paint the colors from a musical palette as you travel together on a magical journey.  On Twitch, he goes by Twinklekeys.  You will find him on YouTube and Facebook Live.  On SecondLife he was known as Thwip Zifer and is rebranding as Twinklekeys.  Additionally, he is available live and over Zoom for your special needs.