Good to be back!

We are back! Looks like we are back!  There is a lot of exciting things happening and I can’t wait till they start rolling out.  I am no longer duel streaming and will be live either on Facebook Live or Twitch.   Broadcasts will be available at a later time to be shared on the other […]

Streaming Break

Streaming Break Hey! I am taking a short hiatus from live streaming while some kinks are worked out.  Plus, I am working on a new project.    Rest assured I will be back.  In the mean time, new videos on youtube are on the way to pass the time until we are back.   Your the […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

In the groove

Getting the groove back… Bringing things back that have been put away for some time.  Nice to be doing this again.  Working on new ideas.  And moving forward.  

Subscribe and notifications

Subscribe and notifications Subscription for updates has been added.  Originally there was a small form at the bottom of the page for subscriptions.  We updated that to an automated system and moved it to the sidebar.